Term 6: Week 32

Ealing (Main Office)

St. Andrew’s Church Centre, Mount Park Road, Ealing, London, W5 2RS

Enter via the main entrance, sign in, then head up the stairs to the right as you face the entrance.

There is free parking towards the rear left-hand side of the main entrance to the church. There is also free parking in the surrounding roads after 4pm and on weekends. 

Contact numbers for centre:
020 8566 9642 OR if Examberry office is open call admin on 077 60 30 66 30

Centre Manager:
Maureen 07831 761 217 (in emergency if no other contact can be reached)

Kingston - Quaker Centre

Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield East, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2PT

The automatic doors will open on weekdays whilst the centre manager is there. Outside of this, you will need a card to open the doors (ask Divya, Virginia or a tutor who regularly teaches there for one). All equipment is kept in our lockers in the boiler room at the back left hand side of the building (they have Examberry labels on them).

The Cattle Market Car Park is a 2-minute walk to the centre.

Contact number for centre: 020 3092 8743
Centre Manager:

In emergency if Virginia is unavailable Divya (HR) may be able to assist: 07721 434 678

Kingston - United Reformed Church

Kingston United Reformed Church, Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1HZ

Enter via the Richard Mayo Centre on the left-hand side. The site manager should be around to let you in. The tutoring room is towards the left as you enter.

The Ashdown Road Car Park is a 4-minute walk to the church.

Contact number for centre: 0208 549 1888
Caretaker: George

New Malden

The Malden Centre (MEFAS entrance), Blagdon Rd, New Malden, KT3 4TA

Go past the main Malden Centre car park until you come to the MEFAS entrance which is on the right hand side of the main building. Our tutoring room is inside this entrance. You will need the key for the exterior door and the code (5678) for the interior door to our room to enter our classroom. If needed, press C to clear the code and try again.

There is a small staff car park in front of the MEFAS entrance. Place an Examberry leaflet on your car’s dashboard. If there is no space, park in the Malden Centre car park.

Contact Divya (HR) for any issues with the premises: 07721 434 678

Failing this, try the Malden main centre: 020 8336 7770


East Berkshire College (Langley College), Langley Campus, Station Road, Slough SL3 8BY

Enter via the main entrance/ reception. We have specific classrooms to teach in (ask usual tutor there or at reception). We also have lockers which we keep our equipment in on the first floor.  

There is free parking on site. Park near the main entrance (reception).

Security on Saturdays: Cameron

Contact number for centre: 07990 798 312
Centre Manager:
Gurpreet (only call if emergency)


Hollymount School, Cambridge Road, Wimbledon, London, SW20 0SQ

Enter via the entrance next to the double decker bus (code and might be key needed if not already opened by a caretaker). Pick the chain up from the floor and hook to top of gate to keep it open otherwise it re-locks itself. Then go through gate towards the right (key and code needed), then enter the building (2 keys needed) and turn the alarm off by putting in the code and clicking the tick button if needed.

Please ensure all doors locked and the alarm is re-set when exiting the building at the end. To do this, enter the code and click to tick to set the alarm. Leave quickly and lock the last door to avoid triggering the alarm once set.

Keys are currently looked after by Angela. The caretaker is main contact for any issues. Ask Michelle or Angela for a video/explanation on how to unlock/lock and leave each door.

There is a lot of parking in the surrounding roads- do read the restriction signs carefully. It is entirely free directly outside the school on Saturdays. 

Code for main front gate:
Press the hash key # and then put in 8040. You may need to enter this again to confirm.

Code for green gate to right: 1379

Car park gate code: 2302

Alarm code inside: 1964

Contact number for caretaker: 07785 347 255 Care taker: Mike Warren

Contact Number for site manager (only as last resort): Lauren 07961 461469